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Research and Development Testing

By pH Solutions      December 9, 2018

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Formulation and Dosing
  • Contact us for our R and D packages.
  • Our scientists have over 20 years of both synthetic and wet chemistry experience.
  • Accurate analysis of potency profiles to aid in proper labeling and dosing of products.
  • Aid in formulation of products like drinks and tinctures to preserve shelf-life.
Raw Material Testing
  • Analysis of extraction solvents for Category 1 contaminants.
  • Analysis of terpenes for solvent and pesticide contamination.
  • Analysis of food grade and organic grade oils for pesticide contamination.
  • BCC action thresholds for pesticides are lower than Organic and Food Grade standards.
Agricultural Testing
  • Testing of soil for heavy metal contaminants.
  • Testing of plant nutrients for pesticide contaminants. (“all natural” does not mean pesticide free.)
  • Analysis of water.
  • Screening for pathogens that produce mycotoxins and shiga-toxins.
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